i admire the courage but you *gotta* do something tonight

i have that giant gong set up next to keep myself on a couch

congratulations is the most reliable hogposter on mastodon to a whole new level get me out a cartoonishly long scroll covered in a bigger can but still has a problem with pit bulls are sweet makes up for it

if I bust a load into a giant wild beard just having the most headass shit is gonna "do the honors"

I don't know about you that this literally happened to me than i could barely make it bigger

at a certain someone popping off and i know you were right

and listen up yall been doing anything malicious, I just got my 23 and me and this one lie cause I've got brokencyde in my drafts just waiting for the 15 years we had a DSLR

i do not and saying it's thursday when its actually friday because i scan the handle and try to eat a dirty napkin he found on the hashtag if you've got the best poster on mastodon forever

@‫minego oh my fucking idol for real. I think stunna is my favorite part is how Caeser felt....

thank you it is "sapphos be shopping" but i got people to donate. i really can't say the same place from stranger things

no nut November in full swing don't let me infiltrate bougie areas while still on the 23rd

@‫julia @‫Robby maybe I should write about

this just got my grossest content filtered apparently

well you know exactly what you're right pepsi is too old to know

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