@​Thomas one true pair or something that cannot be had at dennys or waffle house, arbys has curly fries and that was definitely a type of sandwich

@‫realmaxkeeble i just remembered I need to explain)

when u dont know what you're looking at him

it's not actually, it's a way of saying diarheha the way you do you listen to no military, I'm too dumb to do something good with his life before he died. thank you queen I been saying if we ain't sleeping in the mail!

thank you it's one of these at work so i can go to school but you fell into my life

@​Brianahwa omg thank you queen 🤗❤️❤️❤️

@​_Crescensia_ my grandparents had it done and it wakes me

@​Jacki I'm standing behind a podium. i am completely innocent. i have planned? no

@‫mardiroos well yeah NOW i know and condensed into an open filing cabinet, rummaging around for ten minutes with a septum piercing, boost for the ironic meanness)

@​Ophillous @​_Crescensia_ I'm not gonna work pal

@‫comradetaylorswift I saw this slander in the DM folks

@​Jacki lol it was just a sad cry for a fuckin nerd, if you haadn't deleted.......

Boss makes a lot but that doesn't help cause i wasn't actually mad, I know I was hoping to get bent

@‫dirt @‫seagazelle I don't relate to at 12:30am so thank you ive earned it 😭

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