i do not sincere post very often but just so you all know i deeply care about camping and nature. Today is the anniversary of national parks being created 102 years ago. As a show of my appreciation of them id like to share one of my favorite things the parks have provided

this is a link to a live bear cam in Alaska the stream is very calming and relaxing for me to watch and i hope some of you tune in to watch the bears fishing and having a chill one.

@naturefan that water looks so refreshing I wish I could dive right in.... once the bears are gone and done fishing

@naturefan just spent the week in Acadia and I have to agree. The National Parks are a treasure and a generational gift.

@naturefan love love love bears (and nature generally), thank you ❤️

@naturefan At my dentist’s office they have a monitor above where you’re lying down to watch when you get your teeth worked on and this is the main channel they stream❤️

@naturefan I am loving this! Just showed it to my sweet husband. Thank you for sharing!

@naturefan Casting the live feed now. Hard way to get a meal. Thanks.
@naturefan I did finally see one of the bears have success. Patience is a virtue. 🐻 They look pretty healthy.

@naturefan this is genuinely my new favourite thing thx so much for sharing!! ✨

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