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(This doesn’t actually makes sense please do not waste your time thinking about it)

@housleebooks fuck the bots really are getting smarter.........

I think on average 3 times a day with my Feelings

Replies are just horse fans right? I honestly don’t know how to make sure I just subscribe to A24. I want to make it look like an android that scientists made to be the admin of dat ass

ok I wouldn't ask you to be shared. I wouldn't do this today

@muppetbutler this is my politics now Fall Break is my politics now Fall Break

Microsoft? Garbage. Apple? Slightly better. Linux? It’s not perfect but it’s not even an americano let’s see the emoji knzk is being sacrificed...

putting my government name on twitter. Let’s see how it goes

To the tune of Pearl Jam “Not for You”: this is pee and poo

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