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(This doesn’t actually makes sense please do not waste your time thinking about it)

baseball players are the florida man of sports

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Who knew professional makeup and hair stylists could make you look good? (Selfies, no ec, boosts+) 

selfie, ec 

dirt this is very bourgeois but I miss seagazelle and that's what's important

the bible is a piece of propaganda by incels to make it seem like jesus didnt shag, but guess what, friends? jesus shagged, and he shagged hard.

is my bot going to keep a record of my knzk toots

Seems like a little slice of life. Somewhat related my doc martens are hurting my feet get too hot. Actually wool socks seem to breathe more and I’ve never met anyone who’s attempted to explain this to my daughter

taking a full bottle of laxatives and getting thrown into the back of a police car on purpose

bad news everyone knzk was too powerful so the government shut it down, admin is currently swordfighting through cyber soldiers to retrieve the server data. i believe in him

love to wear my beanie "dumbass style"

My dick hard as fuck on this fully seated Greyhound..

@Knzk Kanzaki san どうもありがとうございました。 あなたは素晴らしかった

crocodiles and alligators are the exact same thing. if you pwn people over this or the difference between toads and frogs, you are a stupid fuckin cop and i hate your guts

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