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(This doesn’t actually makes sense please do not waste your time thinking about it)

i refuse to interact with the new gritty galaxy brain meme i hate gritty so fucking much you will not change my mind he is not a comrade he is a distraction do not be fooled by the bright colors and large face he is an evil being sent from another realm do not fall for his tricks be strong in the face of psychological manipulation

Good news my throat is merely uncomfortable rather than experiencing burning pain

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Apparently baseball is to masto what wrestling is to twitter

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The best/worst part of twitter is when someone pops off about a nuanced issue in a 40-tweet thread, getting everything wrong and earning thousands of retweet’s

Mastodon is fun but if we were all actually in a room together it would probably be pretty stinky

Excommunicated from the LDS Church for calling Joseph Smith a “mayo ass” in Sunday school

submitting a foia request for any government files pertaining to the "bofa incident" and receiving 10,000 fully redacted pages

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diy throat removal so you can soak it in saline solution

I’m sick folks. The only grinding I’ll be doing is for my damn cofee beans

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