I really just don't know what to put here. I feel like masto/knzk/fediverse kinda boomed while I was on Twinja, and now Twinja is dead along with all my mufo connections.

So now I'm mostly talking to myself....


I meant ‘I’ not ‘u’ wtf iPhone.

Welp, my twitter is toast.

Too bad u have like 3 active followers on here.


TFW the corporate glamour shots come back.... 😂


Mast is growing on me. I think.

I can’t decide if the confetti effects are cute or obnoxious. I suspect the former, followed by the latter in a day or two.

So I’m using Mast. It kinda sucks. I regret spending 4.99.


Homestuck isn't good and was never good. You were wrong for liking it.

I have exactly one follower. Woo I think my Mastodon/Fediverse existence has died with Twinja, sadly.


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