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:hacker_k: aring friends
:hacker_n: ever mean
:hacker_z: ap those bad vibes
:hacker_k: ool to mute, kruel to subtoot

I'm not going to ask why elf wives were a thing today, I'm just going to be grateful for it

Still thinking about how the dragon was named Drogon

this thot is beautiful and should be taught in every film class

If I can't get turned into one of those cuckoo bananas jewel-encrusted church mummies when I die, then I am simply never dying

When will it be Share Your Shoes Day again, can I put it in my calendar so I know to wear good shoes or does it only work if it's spontaneous

Thank goodness for men on the internet, now I can go to sleep tonight no longer having nightmares about weird fleshy plastic fingers

The most incredible thing in the Jim Henson exhibit was the realization that Swedish Chef has, for some reason, uncannily realistic human hands.

There was no explanation given for this.

My favorite part of the day is when every single person I know messages me to tell me i'm pretty and nice and they care about me

Can't believe Hot Pie is the Hand of the King now and all he does is bake pasties for the King, who is a wolf,

Can't believe they put Ghost on the Iron Throne

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I keep rolling my chair over my skirt; this wouldn't be happening if you'd just LET ME WEAR SHORTS TO WORK DEBRA

If you don't want me to wear shorts to work you're a cop

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Strong Island iced tea: just a jägerbomb but with a fake bake rinse

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