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:hacker_k: aring friends
:hacker_n: ever mean
:hacker_z: ap those bad vibes
:hacker_k: ool to mute, kruel to subtoot

you ever get so Galaxy-Brained that you try to both-sides two *literally antithetical* character archetypes

Everyone likes to make fun of medieval cat paintings but have you ever seen a medieval cat irl? No, you haven't. Maybe they looked like that

Positive affirmations don't really work for me because I have a somewhat contrarian personality and if you suggest, i.e, "this week is going to be filled with good news, abundance, and love" my immediate reaction will probably be "no it won't go to hell"

The businesses I'm most likely to support are the ones that advertise by fax

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i want to connect with more people with ME/CFS on here. i mostly jokepost here but honestly this site is my main social outlet at the moment and i'd like to be connected with more people in the same boat. no pressure even to chat, let's just add each other.

hello I am emotional about how good chickens are

"Please do not use the dog like a bodhrán" is something I just had to say in complete seriousness.

My son tried carrying a vuvuzela out of my parents house and I told him it had to stay there. My mother looks at me with this little smirk on her face and says "Oh, no, it's his. He can take it home."

I couldn't remember the title Darby O'Gill and the Little People and I called it Buddy O'Geer and the Leprechaun Promise

I heard you were talking about hotwives again

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