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:hacker_k: aring friends
:hacker_n: ever mean
:hacker_z: ap those bad vibes
:hacker_k: ool to mute, kruel to subtoot

Pals.... the cat show doc on Netflix is good........

Baking myself into a cake, getting ensconced in sponge, cosy as fuck

I feel charged to boost cat pics when @leon isn't around

Just a MILF* looking for a DILF** who's DTF***

*Mostly Interested (in establishing a) Loving Family
**Definitely Interested (in establishing a) Loving Family
***Dozens of Tons of Fun

Does anybody tell you if you get cancelled or are you just silently ejected into the void?

I may not get to see the moon tonight, which would be a terrible injustice

Standing outside in the cold admiring my wife, the moon. Isn't she beautiful

1 guy: totally insufficient for the amount of work required to make a burger
2 guys: fine until something inevitably happens and they draw a tape line down the middle of the kitchen because they are no longer talking to each other
3 guys: one guy will inevitably be "the third wheel"
4 guys: the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian culture
5 guys: perfect
6 guys: will be too tempted to quit making burgers and go play 3v3 hoops

ah, the exquisite torment of picking a nail polish

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