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i'll make a bio since i didn't have one before.
I'm quackbar (dylan works too).
I'm 24 he/him
I'm gay as heck and i'm in college studying IT Systems Security
I really like making new friends so please don't be discouraged to talk to me!! Likewise if I'm ever bothering you or making you uncomfortable I don't mind talking about it, but also don't feel bad for unfollowing or blocking me I don't take it personally!
Here's my face

hey yall im back from a long hiatus and also vacation.

Went to a wedding a few months ago and just recently got this pic of me in this dress I wore. Just wanted to share!

This thing keeps fuckin winking at me from across the room

:supercrown: selfie queen :supercrown:

the more i practice cute selfies the more i like experimenting with funny faces 💕

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