conspiracy theories are cool because they generally point out a glaringly obvious gap in the consensus, but, of course, completely fail to analyze it effectively


GMO shit is a conspiracy theory which correctly identifies the terrifying danger of agricultural monopolies.

the FEMA stuff correctly notes the absurd powers of extrajudicial rendition and policing the gov already has.

and the Illuminati, well. it's capitalism, baby.

conspiracy theories are what happen when you notice something real and don't have an effective analytic framework to contextualise it

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@mardiroos I also notice many of them tend to have sorta... sticky thoughts. Like, put two facts next to one another and they sorta kinda rhyme? Good enough.

@some_qualia yep. though I mean, I think that's true of a lot of the establishment analysis that's presented to the public, lol; it's just a lot rougher around the edges in the conspiracy theories.

@mardiroos Really? I got the idea conspiracies happened when extraordinarily stupid people saw normal things they couldn't even begin to approach explaining.
I mean chem trails is just "I don't understand water but wtf are those"

@2015_05_09 I mean not all conspiracies have a meaningful basis, lol

@2015_05_09 @mardiroos no - the key to con theories is the assignment of order and intent to otherwise unconnected data points. that's what distinguishes conspiratorial thought/paranoia. reading about actual conspiracies is a really good way to learn just how chaotically fucked the real world is.

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@mardiroos Conspiracy theories are what people basically pull straight out of their asses when they're really desperate to assign and divert blame. Bush did Nineleven™. Aliens built the Pyramids. The Illuminati killed JFK. Vaccines cause autism. Obama is a secret Muslim. The Russians hacked our democracy.

(cartoon May 2010)

but GB did do 9/11 (at least in the sense that he and his ilk created the circumstances that led to it, and benefited vastly from it). that's the truth the conspiracy latches on to. but then it gets bogged down in the weird free association of ~facts and minor nitpicks and never gets to grips with the bulk of the iceberg: the system that created the problem.

and basically all pharmaceutical conspiracies correctly identify the absurd, exploitative, and terrifying power the industry has over the production of medicine: they just get bogged down again in the details, which are often (as in the case of antivaxers) demonstrably false or massively misleading. could talk equally about how Dulles and his people benefited from JFK's death, whether or not he had a hand in it.

with global warming being a hoax, well, that's not just a conspiracy theory; its construction is a literal conspiracy by those interests for which any meaningful climate reform would be harmful. it's kind of in a different category.

@mardiroos Out of all that bingo-card horseshit, that's the single teeny-ass shred of fact, which they promptly reduce to some weird mutated idea that "Bush did it" -- like he himself threw the switch that launched the cruise missile that projected the 3D image of the crashing airliner as it blew up the Pentagon.

the regime not only creating the circumstances which made a horrific attack inevitable but going on to massively benefit and profit from that attack is significantly more than a teeny shred of fact, it's profoundly horrifying. the bizarre contortions of the conspiracies are absurd, yes, but that's kind of the point—in a lot of ways they are an attempt to avoid confronting the real horror of the situation and reclaim some control.

@flugennock @mardiroos Oh yea... That cruise missile projecting the 3D image...🤣😂🤣

That was a hoot!

@mardiroos doing the annoying reddit thing where i just say “this”

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