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if you Fav me, you're my Friend
if you Boost me, you;re my Bestfriend
if you Reply me, youre my Wife

and that is simply the Rules

bless me father, for i have sinned. i have played video games online and gotten mad about it.

*me gritting my teeth when someone plays three legendaries in a row when my puny deck only has one* wow, pure skill

i'm getting into this mtg arena game having never played magic before and i am becoming increasingly communist wrt the distribution of cards

drinking an red bull and taking an adderall at 7am and seeing the face of god in a spreadsheet

I will never truly log off, not so long as one poster remembers my name....

cursed thought 

I am finally moving out of my current place this weekend, I can't wait

[me looking at hanny calling hot people to the tl] what the fuck?? is this allowed???

- mh 

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I was very taken and thoroughly impressed at a young age by the idea that our best contributions to this world will be basically anonymous and certainly not immediately celebrated as a function of like, personal genius. “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” really cemented my feelings on this.
(Apologies, It’s early and I have a headache so I’m probably all over the place with these posts)

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my followers live in a massive subterranean commune, and whenever I post red lights flash and klaxons blare to let them know its time to give me boosties uwu

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shit or piss. I guess they never piss, huh?

pursuing and processing nutrients in an inoffensive sort of way

alternatively, older films are less practiced and so it is easier for my untrained eye to spot techniques!

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