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The reason why I cannot be cancelled is that nobody reads or interacts with me or my posts anyways.

heres my flex i am bigger than you, stronger than you, faster than you, smarter than you. the perfect apex predator. and you are not safe anywhere.

when someone sends me a normal reply, but then appears to block me, i become confused, but thats just how it goes.

girls love saying they want tux the penguin to give them a Nut Enema

A lot of people who should know way better are having trouble understanding the difference between irony/satire and out and proud racists doing racism and then saying "Hehe just kidding" (which is the actual "irony" part). So before you make a big screed going "ok FUCK irony FUCK jokes! Etc" take a moment to ask yourself if you're just mad that other people are better at posting than you while caring less about being liked

Waiting every day to be cancelled but it isn't going to happen. I'm too strong.

it doesnt matter if you ignore me im still right

every time someone complains about leftists reading marx and lenin because they're "dead white men" youre just reminding me and everyone else that dead white men have had basically all the good ideas already.

Who's that boy in the barrel held up by suspender straps, sitting at the kissing booth waiting for a wife to find them? Why it's none other than me, Konstantin Chernenko.

Now that I don't post anymore I'd like to be remembered as one of the greatest to ever do it. That's all I've wanted in my whole life: to be remembered as the best at something I like to do.

My wife is living rent free in my heart.

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