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listening to steely dan and thinking aobut crushing my enemies

Marxism-Leninism: It Solves Everything.

I don't think anybody uses this website anymore

All I enjoy doing online is causing trouble.

They've taught a monkey how to shoot a gun, and now it is learning how to say slurs. We can't stop it.

Good morning to the gay bitch from hell

I'm on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. I'm breezing through the questions on my way to $1,000,000. My plus one is in the audience sending me smoke signals with the correct answers. Meredith Vieira is none the wiser and just thinks the studio's on fire, which it is

dont mind me i am just listening to steely dan and saying "fuck anarchists" over and over for hours on end

i asked Russ what happens when he mentally fucks the shit out of someone. he replied "I'll show you", then strapped me to a chair, pried my eyes open, and showed me pictures of sunsets

divorcing politics and beliefs from material reality leads you to do stupid things like "debate" crossing picket lines

I could easily kill anybody who bothers me online with my bare hands.

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