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me: hey whats up
guy who invented fossil fuels: im going to burn these motherfucking dinosaur bones
me: what

*logs on to mastodon and sees posts about sexy laptops*
ah, i see i can finally talk about how much i wanna fuck my laptop
*sees that the posts are actually criticising the sexy laptops*
oh :(

the tilde is the cutest character on the keyboard

i suppose theres no point hiding it.... i have a crush on the king of all cosmos

fuck you laurie i'm not a coward Show more

i see no other reason to transfer feces directly

i am buying bloons td 6
u dont CONTROL me

theres only one thing i know and thats that primark sizes absolutely FUCK ME UP

i think we can all agree that eve's bops are the boppiest bops

there's this girl i heard u should add on discord for a free dm shes called laurie#6969 or smthn like that.... waow

pretty weird how the simpsons predicted that we live in a society

probably. idk i just successfully reinvented the wheel!

hey, you! yeah you! no, not you, the other one. yeah, you! u wanna have a crush on me please?

im pretty.... pretty FUCKIN BAD AT FORTNITE... LOL

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