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my toots, are art.

and this profile? welcome to the gallery my friend ;)

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please read this thread before following x

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me: hey whats up
guy who invented fossil fuels: im going to burn these motherfucking dinosaur bones
me: what

i have a secret i need to tell some 1 pls dm me if u can keep a friggin secret

intergalactic customs agent: *reading my interstellar passport* "Ah, humans. A horny, and warlike race."

Me: [wearing nothing but lingerie and ray-guns under my trench coat] *laughs nervously*

fake doctor reacts to open heart surgery?? bullshit ..

Does someone want to “get high” with me

spiders caps Show more

one day i will learn to flirt iwth girls and then, ill be unstopable

joking kink mention, kanye west, i promise this isn't as cursed as the cw implies Show more

thinking about how fucked it is that a i like a quick fuck. surely, this is one of the strangest , and grotesque sexual desires to have

the problem with making batman into a twink, is that i really, really dont wanna have the urge to fuck batman

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