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in a world where everything is a computer, how can you be sure whats in your soup? dispatches investigates: digital soup

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i wake, the sounds of bells ringing in the distance
what the fuck
the smell of pine fills my nose, and pretty lights dazzle my eyes
theres only one explanation...
that red beardy motherfucker is back... and this time, its personal

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hmm.... adding laurie #6969 on discord is a pretty cool idea.
maybe the coolest idea of all time...

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me: hey whats up
guy who invented fossil fuels: im going to burn these motherfucking dinosaur bones
me: what

seriously i need to do a poopie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you call yourself a sandwich artist ... and yet here they all look ugly

join the thriving community of shit bicth - the iraq war

You miss 100% of the cats. You wish they'd come back.

how does he play guitar with a kfc bucket hat . . . the grease will surely go into his eyes . . .

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