i think a lot of people forget how shitty internet infrastructure is on a nationwide level here


like where i grew up in rural Ohio we still had dial-up all throughout my childhood. we'd get like 1mbps down if we were lucky and the only ones online. and god only knows what our upload was.

later on we got ADSL but our speeds would never reach 5mbps or so, let alone go above it

it's kind of gross that these massive corporations that provide the entirety of the infrastructure of the internet just...don't really care. why give people decent speeds and upgrade their hardware when you could just not. what're they gonna do, go to another ISP? wrong, there are no others

(in that area and in many areas across the US)

our only other option was satellite internet, and that came with data caps of 500mb a day. 500 mb a DAY! can you imagine? all the other packages were outrageously over-priced and didn't have much higher data caps

the internet is more than a luxury at this point, access to it is a right. without decent level speeds and high availability, entire swaths of the population are completely cut off for what too many of us take for granted. i'm talking about voip job interviews, online work in general, valuable skills that so many of us learn through our computers. the ability to self-teach.

municipalize the ISPs, abolish profit, bring the infrastructure to those who don't have it!

and jesus christ don't even MENTION australia's situation lmao

"capitalism is the most efficient way of providing the population with the services they require"

- an idiot

@kew didnt rural america get their phone lines through like, gov grants and co ops anyhow

@chillallmen i don't know off of the top of my head but that sounds about right. big corps tend to not like to develop sparsely-populated areas like what you'll find out here

@kew maybe it was powerlines??? idk something got done with co ops n gov grants tho

@chillallmen @kew tennessee did not have electricity until the government stepped in, look up the tennessee valley authority

@kew This is exactly why the city I recently moved to has municipal internet (fiber optic + fixed wireless). Any now a bunch of the surrounding small towns are following suit!

@kew we pay for 5mbps here, in a michigan suburb in 2019, and generally get about 3.5

@kew literally half a block outside charter cable's service area, there are no copper phone lines here, so the only option is fixed wireless (or 4g but data caps make that impossible)

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