everyone please follow my alt account @kirby

going to bed AFTER 9pm for a change ;D

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wow, i cant believe the AFLAC duck announced his candidacy for 2020

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me when something good happens: 😄
me when something bad happens: ☹️

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i thought it was fun, and in that case please buy VIP passes

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@kelbesque i have several and this one was my most painful. my artist said i sat best out of all of his clients and was impressed that i didn't flinch at all lol

@pizza i think it's beautiful and i'm happy you shared it :) <33

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my new tattoo!!! (some underboob/scorpion/snake)

@kelbesque yesterday. it's under a medical bandage rn

sometimes youtube comments are very wholesome and cute. and remind me that humans are fucking dumbasses but adorable nonetheless

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