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Did you hear something, Chuck? Was that the sound of the treat container?

Delilah waking up from one of her signature flops - ridiculous but adorable :-)

Delilah did another of her signature flops this morning. Relaxed much there Delilah? ;-)

Sleepy Chuck in the morning (with a bonus Delilah in the background)

MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH - a bunny feast (aka dinner every single night)

To this day I cannot listen to the Star Trek TNG, DS9, or Voyager opening themes without getting goosebumps.

Nostalgia? Maybe. But it gave me goosebumps back when it was new, too, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looking out my bedroom window this morning I’m reminded why I love the sunrise. The colors, the contrast, the promise of a bright new day.

Here’s hoping it’s just as bright for you, and that the promise of this new day is fulfilled. :-)

Buns were hanging out under one of the planters this morning... though I’m not sure how that’s comfortable for Delilah being wedged between the wall and one of the planter legs...

Delilah: “one day, you’ll forget to close that gate, and then I’ll be free!!”

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