If you gaze too long at the abyss, the abyss gazes back (and demands treats)

Litter box buddies, and also a size comparison of Chuck (left) and Delilah (right).

Chuck was up on the chair again, surveying “his” domain on a beautiful spring morning.

I vacuumed the bunnies’ area, so Chuck retreated to the safety of his Vacuum Shelter (aka “under the chair”)

So much bunny grump/disapproval this morning! (And yet just after this was taken they were running around & doing tons of happy binkies... go figure!)

Delilah did not want to sit still for any pictures this morning.

Chuck was practically posing for the camera - “make sure you get my good side!”

This is from about 10 mins of brushing. Yeah... Delilah is definitely shedding/molting at the moment!

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