Up close & personal with Chuck (he was coming to sniff the camera, of course!)

Exposing correctly for a black bunny against the brightly lit windows in the morning sun is hard!

I felt a nudge on the back of my leg... oh, hi there Delilah!

Who needs expensive bunny toys when you’ve got Empty Cardboard Box(TM)? 📦 ❤️

Bunnies got brushed today and, uh, yeah... Delilah is definitely molting right now.

Delilah giving me the one-eared salute from beside the couch

I turn my back for two seconds and I find Chuck up on the chair again like he owns it (which, in his mind, he does).

A brief quiet moment with Delilah and Chuck during morning playtime

Uh, good morning Delilah! Nice to see you... very up close and personal!

Delilah: beautiful but destructive (insert black hole joke here)

Chuck was posing for the camera this morning... such a handsome bunny boy! ❤️

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