Gave the buns a brush yesterday and as I was carrying Delilah back she squirmed a bit and this was the result... ah the joys of being a bunny slave!

SomeBUNNY is shedding more than usual at the moment... this pile came from just 2 minutes of brushing!!

If you ever wondered why Delilah’s nickname is “Big D,” here she is with my foot for scale (and a bonus Chuck as well).

Delilah may be in the background, but I can tell she’s waiting for treats as well.

Chuck is either grumpy (because I haven’t given him treats yet) or sleepy... Or maybe both? ;-)

So I’m sitting on one of the ottomans in the sunroom when I feel something behind me... a certain fuzzy bunny boy had hopped up right behind me!

I think I interrupted a secret bunny meeting behind the chair...

Being this cute is hard work; it’s important to take breaks!

Poor Chuck is almost totally hidden behind Delilah: 🎵 ...a total eclipse of the Chuck... 🎵

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