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did i ever do an intro post? no? okay

in TRO
name: kanye
age: 25
is the real: kanye west
pronouns: she/her/heresy
dog: one. very old, extremely handsome
city: vancouver BC 🇨🇦
speaks: lots of languages
is: funny as hell
hot: yes

Diagramming SMART goals about killing the president

being a conservative in 1200s indonesia meant that there were only five genders

as a barista, an mmo player, and an unapologetic hoe, the phrase "rise and grind" really needs to be more specific to fit my lifestyle needs

@BestGirlGrace one of the funniest people here, and a fellow member of the billy joel stanhood

Am I misinformed or do Jewish women really have bigger titties? God's chosen people indeed

since i was last on this site i have kissed three (3) boys and i intend to kiss many more in 20biteen

dividing the world into people who have seen all the Harry Potter movies, and people who've seen all the Fast & Furious movies,


How blessed will be the one who grabs your babies and smashes them on a rock! #Psalms 137:9 #Bible

Their buds and their branches will be one piece, all of it one hammered piece of pure gold. #Exodus 25:36 #Bible

Ultimately I think leftists can learn a lot from the Catholic Church (I am not reading the replies to this)

We should start reclaiming exorcisms,,, for the left

for a pro tip, hide bad habits of yours behind unwavering and impractical ethical beliefs. for example, i would eat certain hostess cakes all day long if they were vegan, and be refreshing grindr every 3.5 seconds if it were freely licensed

Exercise video, femme fitness, strength training video. Show more

Femme strength training video. Show more

We may be able to log off mechanically and electronically, but we will never make progress until we can log off chemically

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