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did i ever do an intro post? no? okay

in TRO
name: kanye
age: 25
is the real: kanye west
pronouns: she/her/heresy
dog: one. very old, extremely handsome
city: vancouver BC 🇨🇦
speaks: lots of languages
is: funny as hell
hot: yes

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biological sex as a construct Show more

biological sex as a construct Show more

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all the socratic goons were probably just standing around hooting and hollering yelling WOOOOOORLDSTAAAAAAAAAR as Socrates talked to someone's dad in a stern tone

the wii fit trainer could obviously get it wtf are any of you talking about

The Teen Vogue anarchism article is actually one of the best explainers on anarchism yet written. Kim Kelly is a treasure for writing it.

I will never cave. You must log into your alt to see KNZK’s glorious toots.

you're tellling me you haven't played a game that came out *checks calendar, flipping through rapidly* 20 years ago? fucking noob ass child. how could you not want to play this clunky piece of shit that was acceptable only because it was the best we had at the time

in the olden days you had to send a letter to the newspaper editor if you wanted to shitpost, and then they might not even print it

why is there only one good instance and why is it

@Knzk where are you🔎
and i'm so sorry🙇‍♀️
i cannot sleep💤, i cannot dream💭 tonight🌆🌛
i need somebody👤 and always🔁
this sick😷 strange darkness⬛
comes creeping👥 on so haunting👻 every time⏰
and as I stare👀 I counted🔢
the webs🕸️ from all the spiders🕷️
catching things🦗 and eating🍽️ their insides🍖
like indecision🤔 to call☎️ you
and hear👂 your voice of treason😱
will you come home🏡 and stop🖐️ this pain💊 tonight🌃
stop🛑 this pain🤕 tonight🌌

do i regret deleting my .social account last night? sure. am i going to pretend it was an act of solidarity? of course i am.

1 boost and I will orchestrate a mass suicide on Mark ruffalos lawn

@kanyewest call 1-800-555-JAIN to support the jainists

22 major religions get 1 minute each to convert volunteers who are "spiritual but not religious". it's america's hottest new reality tv show, the hosts are a classic rock band, and it's called "AC/DC converter"

solar brain: so glad physics supports life

galaxy brain: so glad physics supports making tea

supercluster brain: the miracle of physics that supports tea is the same one that supported the formation of life

nothing says 'festive goodwill' like watching your homophobia relatives mask their grimaces as they open cards made by an lgbt charity

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