storing uncooked shrimps in the lemonade compartment of the fountain machine for later

@jzs42069 what the fuck you got against lemonade, terrorist?

@DMX nothing. but nobody drinks it from soft drink fountains. it’s just free space, like bingo. yea

@jzs42069 hmmm... I can't refute that anymore since I started counting calories. you win this time

@DMX thanks. it means a lot to just win one, ya know? postings tough

@jzs42069 ive seen this twice. And I dont get it this time either. Your genius is too far beyond me, jer

@breakfastgolem @ItsJenNotGabby what’s to get? im just writing this down so i wont forget about those shrimps

@jzs42069 I'm picturing one of these with cocktail shrimp bobbing in it

@robotcarsley @jzs42069 mmm. refreshing water. and yet there's a smack of shellfish

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