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plumbers are always like: if you gotta go while I’m working on the toilet, you can always just shit on my chest ;)

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the suns fuckin pointless bro i dont even look at that shit ha ha

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i'm drinkinbg silver so i can look like the blue guy from watch men

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man I just really fucking hate it when I get a crush on somebody and then I find out that they recruit boys into isis

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I hate when im trying to talk sexy, and then cleverbot fucks it up, making me lose my boner, and also? my mind. thanks for nothing

Mastodon: where you become mutual followers based on cute guinea pig pictures, and become close friends based on your shared loathing of the prison-industrial complex

The Sims: Total War! where you share a home with other ambassadors, and the tutorial stage forces you to live with a spartan in gym shorts who demands you pay him and you have to navigate conversation

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the company director at work stood next to me at the urinal today and said "aaaah let's pee together shall we?"

i didn't mean to collect all these first names but i'm like a magnet being dragged on the ground, they stick to me

When someone named Mason is standing in a queue waiting to see a specialist about a genital question they have: Mason's dick's in line

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If Steve Hawkings was so smart,, why didnt they invent a time machine to go back and win the lottery??? checkmate

how do you get a mentor. is a mentor a good thing to get or have

*jimmy stewart as a furry voice*
buh-buh-by golly, I'm gonna fuck Harvey if it's the last thing I do!

*jimmy stewart was a WWII US bomber pilot voice* "Haha bhombs awhay haha gee what a whonderful life eh??"

I like this movie despite being afraid of spiders

thinking about how often I say “pool water brain” or “rain water” or “head swimming” I don’t get it. I can swim just fine. what’s the hang up?

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