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great depression era vagabond scratching a betty boop in chalk onto a house to signal to travelers that the people who live there are down to suck and fuck

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man I just really fucking hate it when I get a crush on somebody and then I find out that they recruit boys into isis

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arnold schwarzenegger had a four pack instead of six because he never smacked his gut with his boner

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if she’s your girlfriend why’d she put this bib on me

there’s a spreadsheet and a binder and all that shit set up for it

how will we fight climate change? screaming at furries, of course

people who talk to me irl? they’re on the thin blue line as well

wow. you raked it all forwards and blades me across the forehead wwe style!!!!! you just can’t get this anywhere else!!! thanks chain clips!!!!

my hair looks like i want it to. bad. thanks chain clips

i went in requesting a vasectomy and left with a lobotomy :////

driving fast in the rain, but it’s all good. magic car

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