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plumbers are always like: if you gotta go while I’m working on the toilet, you can always just shit on my chest ;)

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the suns fuckin pointless bro i dont even look at that shit ha ha

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i'm drinkinbg silver so i can look like the blue guy from watch men

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man I just really fucking hate it when I get a crush on somebody and then I find out that they recruit boys into isis

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great depression era vagabond scratching a betty boop in chalk onto a house to signal to travelers that the people who live there are down to suck and fuck

game technology was made to facilitate chubby dad simulator

she’s talented, but, is she cute? let’s ask the news anchor that we let have a 10 minute opinion segment for some reason

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remembering the time i had a full on argument with my friend over whether big shaq was doing a bit or not

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going Gamer Mode here Show more

going Gamer Mode here Show more

Me, passing a handful of jizz to one of my friends: this is from my personal stash

I appreciate y’all letting me be the only person from Memphis on Mastodon.

Object permenance is fuckin bullshit, if you exist when I'm not looking, fuck you.

lasagna but the noodles are replaced with foreskin

i woke up and immediately felt a very tiny speck of tooth fly off when the top row bumped the bottom. sleep rules

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