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Yeastie Boys 

I tried to wait out the knzk thing but I miss being able to talk to people, so for now I'll be on @jonkoltz.

Follow me there for the same normie dad content you tolerate here!

nailing all my cum socks to the front door so my enemies know i'm free from sexual tension and focused like a laser.

Respect to all my ride or dies still repping KNZK

I'm at my office holiday party and there's a puppy here. Look at this little fucker!

more like sonogram the hedgehog amirite i have a hegdehog lodged in my duodenum

Honest question: did I do something to upset ppl? 'cause a bunch of folks with whom I've interacted a fair amount left knzk (understandable) but then haven't refollowed me, and haven't accepted my follow request.

and, uh, it's kinda fucking with me

hi! i'm making an essay type thing on the growth of the right due to the internet.

4 subjects:
- the sites that play a role
- what role did the internet have in its growth
- their vocabulary and symbolism
- why can't leftist groups grow like this

i could use any and all input you have for this and i would also love it if you had any sources or anything such as news articles, studies, docus, videos, etc.

please also boost to spread!!! i rly need some help

I feel like a good chunk of my mufos

1) left knzk
2) set their new accounts to protected
3) didn't re-follow and
4) haven't accepted my follow request

which, haha, it's probably just a federation issue, right???

introduction, long 

Between my new job and knzk having issues I have no idea what's going on here anymore. I would honestly consider paying money for a daily digest, like

1) today's meme
2) who's cancelled
3) who's ironically fighting and who's really fighting

I'm actually glad that knzk is having server issues, because when I write something that I think is funny and no one notices, I can just say "man, too bad about those server issues"

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