twitter: hours of grimly riffing on a typo the President of the United States made while threatening to nuke Latvia
fediverse: founding a new religious movement based on a piece of trash someone found

@jimpjorps Oh shit are people making a new religious movement out of my existence?


> founding a new religious movement

okay NOW you're making me nervous about the fediverse

if Mastology exists I will lay all the blame squarely on you and that will make you my nemesis



(also, "Grimly Riffing" would be a good blog name)

uspol Show more

@bryn this joke is like when law and order is "ripped from the headlines"

@jimpjorps "Twitter: Grim" pretty much sums up my recent visits over there.

Coming from the Fediverse, it's like walking into a Soviet prison camp while wearing shorts and a Hawaiian flower-print shirt.

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