found this picture on a manufacturer website and I think it has meme template potential

@jimpjorps i hope there are more holes cus otherise they made too much quickcrete and the boss is gonna be angry.

@RobinHood @jimpjorps oh how this brings out so many emotions. What an unrewarding book

The thing I cant figure out is, pretty much everyone beats up on Moby Dick. But everyone still knows it! It's like The Room of books.

@selfsame @jimpjorps
I really like this one Laser, probably the best of them. It's deep, it's complex, it really says something y'know?

@jimpjorps hmmm. this makes it look like cat memes fill me with existential dread. that is the opposite of the thing that i wanted

@scribblefrog nah, I understood you, fellow existential dread concrete meme friend

@radicalrobit holy shit i didn't even see your reply

clearly we are very cool and in tune :blobthinkingcool:

@jimpjorps who's gonna be the one to turn this into me and the cube

Lewd implied Show more

@liaizon @jimpjorps You mean blockchains, due to hype, are often used in a centralized manner, in practice as a simple database?

@cerret @jimpjorps this is so dumb it shouldn't be funny and yet I can't stop fucking laughing at it

@shadetavish @jimpjorps i saw everyone else making them and i thought "how can i make the worst one"

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