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just realized that my guy in his goldsmithing outfit is literally the turban sage

drank a red bull too fast and had to lie down, negating the purpose of the red bull

dorico makes some very nice-looking, easy to read music without any tweaking necessary, I am a big fan of its output

used some of my ~christmas money~ to buy the new music engraving software I've been wanting for a while so I can finally stop subscribing to Sibelius

my bf tried to explain to me but i was too busy trying on lipstick to understand lol

if open source software is so good then why do they give linux away for free

(sees a bunch of people saying the word "thumbing") hmm actually it's called fingering. here's a reference

it's my horse's birthday, however please do not celebrate because any sudden movements or loud noises may cause it to immediately fling itself into a ravine or run head-first into a tree

calling up the Nintendo Power Line to get advice on my failing marriage from North America's preeminent ActRaiser experts



they're called kegels because you are krunching your "bagel" (butthole)

and next year we have this even more powerful team name to look forward to

when I was on twitter it was like being forced to drink sewage out of an open fire hydrant, and now that I am on mastodon I am free to take petite, ladylike sips of sewage at my own leisure

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