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tooting while I toot /トゥートしながら吹いている

@jimpjorps People make fun of Kum-and-Go but people in New England call Cumberland Farms "Cumbies" and thats way worse

the only Texas landmark I wish to visit is that 70,000 square foot Buc-ee's near San Antonio

official power rankings
1. Wawa
2. QuickChek
3. Sheetz
4. Royal Farms
5. Cumberland Farms
6. Turkey Hill

when the timeline is reminded about the Pagliacci joke format

normal girls: have two wolves inside them
me: is brimming with marmosets

flying overseas to get a third wolf implanted for cheap

watching that new Warcraft cinematic, if you mute it you would naturally assume that Thrall just finished mowing the lawn and Saurfang wants to ask him some questions about Steely Dan or mortgage rates

orcs in warcraft games, 1999: disgusting twisted humanoids bent on destruction and savagery
orcs in warcraft games, 2019: large green dads in casualwear and immaculate hair

drinking six red bulls and slowly vibrating upwards until my head gets stuck in the acoustic tiles

I don't remember what the earliest music I've bought is but the earliest album I remember having and playing is my dad's LP of Supertramp - Paris

crojazz is dead, its dust scattered to the winds

mastodon is great bc none of you try to talk about game of thrones

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