comedians in cars getting cancelled

My wife 3D-printed a Totoro to go in my toddler daughter's stocking, and I'm painting it.

Remember that Treehouse of Horror Simpsons episode where Homer goes 3D and we all went "Whoa, things have to change dramatically when you go from 2D to 3D or stuff ends up looking REALLY WEIRD?"


Champagne for my real friends, and champagne for my sham friends! Champagne for everyone !!!

Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas pee poo

building a portal in minecraft using obsidian so i can enter the netherlands

season 3 of mastodon, out on netflix soon

Episode 1: Left Twitter Flocking
Episode 2: It’s My Birthday Give Me Boosts
Episode 3: 1K and Delete
Episode 4: Rise and Fall of WilW
Episode 5: The Self Destruction of Self Agency
Episode 6: Jorts Horse Rising
Episode 7: Scorpio Season
Episode 8: He’s Not Really Going to Fuck It, Is He?
Episode 9: Tumbling Down The Fedi
Episode 10: Time is a Flat Circle

Google asked a writer to make a presentation for their employees to then broadcast and monetize for free.

He would have been the only person in the room not being paid.

This is everywhere. People wanna consume writers’ work, but don’t wanna pay them enough to eat.

Walk up in the club like "whaddup I got a modest following on an obscure social media platform"

A murder of crows
An involuntary manslaughter of jackdaws
A euthanasia of ravens
An assassination of magpies
A {term for killing} of {corvid group}

look, look, i know y'all are all havin a nice drama shit, takin a good hearty drama shit, all over your pants and legs and my couch, jesus christ you guys, my COUCH, what the hell is wrong with you, I LIVE HERE, what I am going to do with a shit-soaked couch??? what were you THINKING? YOU WEREn'T THINKING, THATS WHAT. MAYBE NEXT TIME, YOU'LL THINK. YOU'LL THINK A LITTLE BIT, BEFORE YOU TAKE A HUGE SHIT ALL OVER MY COUCH, AND MY LIFE, AND MY HOPES AND DREAMS. YOU SHIT ON MY DREAMS TODAY. I JUST C

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hey this drama is great and all but its my god damn birthday so you should focus on me instead. just give me some boosts

the whole internet loves, a lovely instance about milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the admin is racist

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