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hello new followers, please remember that i am not responsible for the loss of your braincells after reading my toots.

you did this to yourself

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i can't believe this instance is about to vanish in two weeks, and it's still being updated

im a cryptid now! please follow me on @jakub since that's where i toot my toots now

“m’lady”, i say as i tip my fedora at you, revealing another smaller fedora beneath it. you recoil in disgust. i discard my first fedora. “m’lady”, i repeat, tipping up my cap, displaying a yet smaller couvre-chef. you set back, aghast. i step forward, toying with the brim of my hat. you watch in horror as my hands grasp the lapels of my trenchcoat. with a flourish, i draw back my jacket, unveiling myself. a pile of fedoras as tall as man collapses within the coat. “m’lady”, your mind echoes.

tbh being ignored kinda turns me on?? and by turns on i mean turns on the sadness

meta, gab, fedilab 

i woke up and remembered that knzk is shutting down in a month 😭😭😭😭😭

i love having secrets, there are so many things I never told anyone

remember when I was so bored that I taught myself Esperanto to the point where I could speak, write and read fluently

it's fun because we both barely know this language

i just spoke Russian with my mom, it's fun

im stressed that i won’t get on cryptids dot online

i still feel like would be literally the best @ for me but they don't accept anyone anymore

omfg applying to cryptids is so complicated, im not sure if it's even worth the effort

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