@inutamago either that or there’s something whack on my end but it’s the only instance I’m having issues with atm

i think my usual instance, queer.af, might be down

can anyone confirm this?

@johnnydoe I don’t want this to turn into twitter where friendships are ended bc of people who aren’t comfortable with openly sexual content can’t avoid it or choose whether or not to consent to seeing it

just bc you aren’t posting a picture of your ass doesn’t mean you can talk explicitly about your sexual exploits without tagging them behind a cw

hey i noticed some of y’all aren’t tagging your hornt posts

i forgot that isabelle getting into smash means that my twitter timeline is just going to be a solid wall of huge juicy dog girl asses for the next 48 hours

The gender neutral version of Goth gf is


sorry to impose but could u boost some of my toots I’m new to knzk and wanna make friends

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