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if God wanted me to stay hydrated he would have made water taste as good as coffee or wine

religion posting and hornt posting on a saturday morning, at least it isn’t sunday.

β€œMy feet may fail and fear surrounds me, but You've never failed, and You won't start now”

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when thugger said "ima ride in that pussy like a stroller" I broke down

ive had such a busy week i’m glad it’s the weekend, i finally have time to myself.

when young thug said β€œi’ma pull up, eat on that pussy and dip” i really felt that

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I think I would date young thug if he wanted lol

i went out for coffee with a friend from church today and we spoke a lot about growth, about things we learned in the church and things we’ve had to unlearn. more importantly, Scripture we’ve had to revisit and reinterpret.. especially after contextualizing different translations. it was a nice chat and my heart feels full :) (maybe that’s just all the coffee)

I used to scoff at progressive Christians, then I realized Jesus was a progressive Jew. many years later here i am, a progressive Christian lol

Evangelicals: β€œJesus’s words in Scripture are plain and clear!”

Jesus: literally speaking in parables

i almost wore all leather to church today but it felt wrong.

i was going to stay offline all day for Jesus but i’m sure he’ll understand. he died for me to be online.

stayed in watching the simpsons tonight instead of going to the bar because i have church in the morning lol im fun, really!!

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Food, DIY sugar cookie decorating 

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considering deleting my facebook i haven't used in forever and found this classic

make me go to sleep jk i just ate ice cream i should stay up at least an hour

@honeysweet it’s late and this is a very boostable lewd πŸ’•

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