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please i dont understand how this works and i absolutely REFUSE to read the manual

mayb if i go out into the world and experience things and stuff i will have to toot

If Russia is the motherland and Germany is the fatherland, what is the brother land? Simple, it is the fortnite island.

fuck the ib imma become a professional masto influencer

@garfiald bit late on this one but hope ur day has been *very* christopher nolan!!!!!!

this is an actual joke of some sorts. i better be rewarded suitably.

cromwell of course had his foil, cromshit

JON, WATCHING A DUMPSTER FIRE: this is fun, wish i had some dog semen to chug rn tho!

GARFIELD, HIGHLY CULTURED: i need a new chaise lounge

JON, WET: dooooog creaaam

GARFIELD, HIGHLY CULTURED: i can fold laundry but don't

apparently they're adding hillary to smash?? and removing all the other characters????

there's only one good anime

and it's the west wing.

fuck dude, february harry was wise af

@harry this is an interesting piece, because it plays on the possibility of typographical iconicity, notoriously exemplified by "uwu". the fact that there is only one other word in the post seems to make that word appear as an icon itself, a kind of abstract drawing, rather than a meaningful sign. in such circumstances, any attempt to "scan" is, of course, fruitless. #prosodytour

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