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actual #introduction here we go! Show more

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please i dont understand how this works and i absolutely REFUSE to read the manual

I get so stressed by seeing someone typing and then stop typing what a terrible feature like literally what utility does that bring us

snapchat being bad Show more

folks, do you honestly want to know my opinion on toots? Show more

my 11-year-old nephew just told me "hillary clinton is gonna dab her way into the white house in 2020!" and i could not be more proud

@garfiald ??????? what are you talking about, it’s that guy from that nolan movie

i didnt actually realise that knzk was having problems,,,,,, imma be @harry for a while folks..

@evan i think ive been shadowBANNED ❎❎❎ for SURE

Im gonna interrupt your timeline with this:

His name is Azuki and he has an instagram

can we not make my films politcial. i am porge lucss and my swordd ds wont be cucked by anything but lazsrs

if i was a koolak, i would simply store the grain in my maoth, where the authorities could never find it

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