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i come back to knzk an improved person with a wholly opposite gender identity then i left with.

willie nelson biodiesel has a trick up its sleeve: it's really just a lot of girlcum

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thinking about making a gamestop where the only thing sold is walking simulators

scientists agree: the primary cause of global warming has been Nelly's 2002 hit "Hot in Herre"

wtf why was i banned from the discord

my entire philosophy is based around that society is really just "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" as i've found to be that adults generally have worse takes than 11 year olds tbh

yall worried about coming out the closet, i'm worried about coming out of the doghouse

i wish to be called "tex" and my goal in life is to own a hyundai dealership

i learned how to smoke so my sex partner can know when i'm done

Soon enough people thousands of years from now will start drilling on graveyards for oil. You're literally going to be the future's fossil fuels.

me, as a corporate executive, pinpointing our company's "method for economic growth

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It's 2018, let's outlaw straight marriage now pls.

i feel like its making human interaction (the thing that makes people people) unhuman by commodifying it. i want to speak to someone not shout into a void.

i see it sort of happening here too but to a lot lesser extent because you already have an adequate enough platform (your instance) to talk about shit

twitter is fucking draining. despite me sort of figuring out how to "game the system" a little bit, the pressure to constantly tweet something funny in order to build your brand is depressing. why cant i just talk to people and not care about my epeen

i want to see a group of sexy rightwinged gays slay the runway and talk about the NAP in the upcoming "Ron Paul's Drag Race"

michael vick is a master pokemon gym leader

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here's why this picture of what i would assume is probably from Hannity pisses me off so much:

they are attempting to racialize progressive politics. their messaging-- showing only women of color who agree with this narrative instead of finding white men-- is to reinforce their audience's felt belief that women and minorities are subverting the (white) american way of life.

they are, deep down, fighting for the same things the neo nazis are, but they're a hell of a lot more intelligent about how they go about it than ones openly talking about white genocide and the like. the fact that these tactics work (this was the basis of the Trump campaign) does not say good things for minorities.

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