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‪this is so fun; everyone needs to google “cute cat” plus your bank routing and account number and then post a screenshot of the search results

grab the torch and go to the edge of extinction

*EXCLUSIVE* leak of gameplay footage from an unannounced launch title for the Google Stadia Arcadia

it’s a great day to make your loved ones listen to WRITTEN IN THE STARS by TINIE TEMPAH

thanks for using the app! it’s worse now lol

i love it when apps thank me in the update notes

i hope i meet someone who is a passionate fan of time zones one day; that will be the day i get into a fistfight for what i believe in

there should be a global time zone and that time zone should be UTC

my official review of daylight savings is that time is a lie

amusing my self by my putting different letters of the alphabet in front of the word “instagram” and chuckling at what they could mean

i use social media mostly to crack jokes about the word “instagram”

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