Would like to extend my sincerest "is this guy bothering you" to everyone on this website.

why mastodon is the best site

facebook: you will be deleted for saying "im gay"

tumblr: horny is now illegal

twitter: hornt on main is bad, have a hornt alt

mastodon: hornt on main is valid self expression and is supported, but not at the expense of those who are not hornt and therefore we have content warnings as a default feature.

Might fuck around and disappear, never to be found again.

FELLAS: is it gay to scrub? Because you're rubbeing hard 🤔☕️😳

all my political opinions are informed by highsnobiety’s “12 wokest tv shows”

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fellated by everything!? wow dreams do cum true

me, mid-way through a rant: "... ah, yeah, that anarchist streak is real."

friend: "you seriously just noticed that?"

me: "an online quiz tried to tell me but those aren't the kind of things you trust with your political leanings."

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dr phil and his wife blocked me on instagram like 3 years ago and i'm still not over it

gary came home drunk real late last night, starting to think about the inner life of that snail

I hate fun, happiness and love. pisses me off 😠

Yknow now That you mention it, the character would lend him self well to the format. I think this could be big

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