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the girls all say I’m pretty shy for a reply guy, and they doubt that I actually am a reply guy since I don’t reply very often because of my aforementioned shyness

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mrs grandpawg…are u as grand and as phat as they say? damn…

why grandma.... what slappable nuts you have

people keep asking me questions that I feel like my "I don't huff gas" shirt answers

you, dumb: commitment to dumb bits and edgy jokes isn't a personality

me, smart: actually it is

david benioff and db weiss are the chad vs virgin paradigm as a writing team

there are two types of men in the world: ass man and butt man

i just slept all day and now i’m starvin but can’t afford food 🤠 wanna help us out?

Polls: Why is it an Easter Bunny handing out eggs instead of an animal that actually lays eggs like an Easter Duck or an Easter Chicken?

*being buried alive* hm, not sure about this

ME, ONLINE: yeah big Hollywood studios are mining your emotional investment in older movies for money. all that nostalgia stuff is bullshit

ME, IN REAL LIFE: bursting into tears thinking about the training/hospital montage in Credd

asking “but what’s your star sign” before tipping

public transit doesnt make sense because it is impossible to make it profitable and it has to be heavily subsidized by the government! the private sector is more efficient! *capitalist ride sharing services also turn out to not be profitable and are heavily subsidized by investors* ah, nevertheless,

just found out what vocal fry is and am now confused why there are people online who complain about it and criticise podcasters about it. I think it’s hot

shutting the fuck up went from a weekend hobby to financially stable career for me

The principle of mail art is simple:

Mail art is anything you can mail to someone which both you and the recipient understand to be art. Mail artists often organise in "networks" of people who mail each other their art. The art is only limited by what you are able to physically post, there is no curation, and no censorship. Many mail artists put more effort into the envelopes than their content, and design their own stamps.

Here is a set of 1989 stamps from mail artist Anna Banana.

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