oh no, The Horse That Stares Disappointedly At Me Through a Window When I Make a Bad Post is back

fuck, he's coming inside, i must have really done it this time

i've retreated to the parlor but he's still coming

now he's playing a mournful dirge, this could be it

i never thought i'd say this, but i wish the horse were outside, staring at me unceasingly through a window because of my bad posting

i think the horse's song is almost over, he keeps crescendoing and then taking a long pause to look back towards me


i used the bathroom just now and when i came out the horse was standing in the hall, staring listlessly into the mirror

okay, i don’t think the horse is going to hurt me, i think he just really, really wants me to see how sad he is about my bad posts

i successfully coaxed the horse as far as my mudroom, but when he saw me typing "jj abrams just texted me that rey is actually an ewok with alopecia" he stopped dead in his tracks and started sobbing. now all my nice leather shoes are wet with horse tears.

@ghendrix scrolling through your TL to find out if a horse in your house is a normal thing in your life situation but I can't find anything

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