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I am an anarcomarchist. Get away from my Big Straw Hut!

sometimes :yell: is happy,
sometimes :yell: is sad,
sometimes :yell: is both,
sometimes :yell: is neither,
sometimes :yell: is song lyrics,
sometimes :yell: is just a mood,
sometimes :yell: is personal posting

You have to use money to buy a wallet... :O

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While you studied the blade, I was impersonating Ruben Blades and getting the Manager’s Discount at Red Lobster.

i like to think of gamers as a collective of adult versions of johnny test

i have become pingu, destroyer of western civilization

I’m ready to ride my goblin horse into town and buy some good ass chicken from KFC.

A little bit of soup stock added to rice makes it so much yummier :D

The cat’s mouth is so moist. I can hear her licking herself from across the double-wide.

I wish a hot greaser man would teach me how to be myself.

There sure are a lot of unattractive whities out here*.

*me included

This alien movie has Chinese writing for the aliens. Just some racist salt on the shit sandwich.

Cut my life into pieces. Please welcome... Hoobastank!

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