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@evan @Ttle twenty seconds away from throwing a microwave oven and collapsing in tears, at all times

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@leonthotsky @dayglochainsaw i steal from my twitter account all the time, loudly, nobody ever saw the shit anyway

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it's not an accident that my avatar is a transparent cartoon white guy with distorted movie clips playing where his face should be

Thanos in the comfortable leather interior of his F-150 turns on the radio. 50 Cent's In the Club starts playing. A delicate smile curls on Thanos' purple lips as he smashes the gas pedal down. Those avengers are in trouble

online only clothes are classist because I can't just go to the store and steal them


runners got nipples like king kong

it’s truly a crime that i can’t just do whatever the fuck i want every moment of the day

"conservatives drink a gallon of bleach" challenge

oh shit there's a horse in the hospital!

Very sleepy, ate a bunch of stuck up jerks

official power rankings
1. Wawa
2. QuickChek
3. Sheetz
4. Royal Farms
5. Cumberland Farms
6. Turkey Hill

I wonder why the official Mastodon project :twitter: account is running a poll to see if people want rich text support on Mastodon, but the official Mastodon account isn't running one?

anyway, vote as you see fit, if you see fit.

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