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@evan @Ttle twenty seconds away from throwing a microwave oven and collapsing in tears, at all times

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@leonthotsky @dayglochainsaw i steal from my twitter account all the time, loudly, nobody ever saw the shit anyway

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it's not an accident that my avatar is a transparent cartoon white guy with distorted movie clips playing where his face should be

these people need to be stuffed into a fucking grinder that empties into a storm drain

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@chuck sorry I can't hear you, I just started this cement mixer and now it's going to run for 12 hours oh well

letting the people i have to deal with on a daily basis sour me on all human interaction, as a bit

I鈥檓 way too fucking old to be a dark time in years

Boomers be like: let's put your stuff in the guest room and lemme show you how the shower works!

I hate this. It's so friggin early and I'm so anxious about the job.

the christian bale of the warehouse, going off with extreme force on any who dare pollute my line of sight

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