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Please let me know if you don't wish me to interact with your toots.

Please don't follow me if you don't wish me to interact with your toots.

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I see @Shrigglepuss starred my post and I see all of his pictures have descriptions. So the problem isn't at my end.

I think I'll have a rule only to boost pics if there is a description. Gotta have solidarity with screen reader users.

anyway my art history test went alright. i think. you never know w/ art history tbh

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Expanding on 2). No end of people told me as a child "study maths, you'll get a good job" (never from people working in recruitment). The same kind of person regards statistics as a system of organised lying, accountancy as a complicated way of being criminal, consistently fabricate data. I need some catharsis on this.

This unimposing building allowed me to take out three #books at a time twice a week, until I finished the books in the children's section and they gave me five tickets that let me take out any book. I wouldn't be who I am without this service - please support your local #library. #LlanilltudFawr #LlantwiMajor

For my mission of reading a book from every country of the world, I am currently at Angola and reading "A General Theory of Oblivion" by José Eduardo Agualusa. I'm half-way through it and it's soooo good! Definitely recommend it (if the second half keeps up, but I have a good feeling).
#books #AmReading

Books I'm most desperate to read but don't know if they exist.

1) Concise history of domestic appliances.
2) Study of why British people have a great respect for the study of mathematics yet complete contempt for people who use mathematics.

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Sorry I haven't been doing much good original content recently. Been getting pretty good at lying in bed and staring at the ceiling though.

dj khaled is a dang pokemon with how much he says his name

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Okay I saw this on here at some point but I couldn't find it so I made it again myself

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antennas baffle me.. you just put it near something..... and some shapes are better.... but also it doesn’t matter so much.. bigger ones work better.... but also tiny ones are fine too.........

X-Files query.

Does it help if I've seen the previous 9 files?

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