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I see @Shrigglepuss starred my post and I see all of his pictures have descriptions. So the problem isn't at my end.

I think I'll have a rule only to boost pics if there is a description. Gotta have solidarity with screen reader users.

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I'm always pissed off that reactionaries have colonised the language around enterprise.

If you have an idea and are making a little money while providing a great service you are not a bad person.

Toot at me if you want a boost.

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@HYPERLINK my review: they were edible in that I did eat them and did not become ill at any point during the following forty-eight hours

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@em @Dakoriolf

p.s. we getting takes on cranberries, blackcurrants, physalis?

why do I care so much? I don't know. my life would be so much easier if shit like this didn't drive me up a fucking wall

the Arabic word for God, Allah, is a cognate of Elohim. both descend from the proto-Semitic 'il, extended with an h. Allah is likely a contraction of al-'ilah, "the God," which would be exactly equivalent to the Aramaic word for the monotheistic god: 'alaha or 'elaha (depending on dialect), where -a is the definite article.

speaking of Aramaic, this would be the language Jesus would have spoken. he literally would have called God Alaha. remember that to tell fundamentalist Christians.

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posting the word 'anus' four hundred and twenty times and immediately gaining thousands of followers

hot milfs? welcome to my *area* [points at crotch]

hearing that there are still hot milfs in my area, even after i spent hours yesterday putting up milf-proof fences and "no milfs allowed" signs! pretty annoyed tbh

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