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I see @Shrigglepuss starred my post and I see all of his pictures have descriptions. So the problem isn't at my end.

I think I'll have a rule only to boost pics if there is a description. Gotta have solidarity with screen reader users.

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I'm always pissed off that reactionaries have colonised the language around enterprise.

If you have an idea and are making a little money while providing a great service you are not a bad person.

Toot at me if you want a boost.

@Gargron "Freiheit, gleichheit, Datenschutz - Trete einem der Größten aufstrebenden Netzwerken bei, ganz frei von jener Werbung."

[Kann man natürlich noch editieren, das wäre aber das erste was mir einfällt]

Mastodon heute, Mastodon morgen, Mastodon für immer.

Idea: somebody that shows up n beats people up whenever they’re mean to me.

how come when you search someones username there's 5 results max (if there's 5 accounts) but when you type their username in a toot it only shows 4???? that shit is fucking annoying

@Torie @byttyrs @brushy Ugh, High school singing ruined me in that sense. My default (STILL!) is to stand perfectly still while singing, which is... less good when you're a solo/small group performer.

@Torie A friend who learned I was a grad student in mathematics casually mentioned how no *real* mathematician would ever use floating-point arithmetic for *any* purpose. He said this in 1997 and I still feel flashes of anger.

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What’s the worst non political based take you’ve ever heard? Mine is that a friend of mine said that if you sing a song in a different key from the original it is no longer the same song. Also that covers should be illegal.

i failed to realize that when i took a class on race and religion i would be taking a class on race and religion with white men oh my god

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