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hi so i've been quiet over here cuz i'm slowly working on using @extinct as my main acct.

occasional shitposting and :hacker_k: :hacker_n: :hacker_z: :hacker_k: :blank: :hacker_g: :hacker_a: :hacker_n: :hacker_g: solidarity will still happen here, but the majority of my art and general posting will be on my own instance going forward.

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Call me extinct. I'm an old millenial and a freelance illustrator by trade.

I specialize in things that are monstrous, dead, macabre & just plain weird. I also draw smut and fanart now and then.

You can peep my portfolio/see my rates at

I'm working on a webcomic with my partner, @RedCeres

Support my work & get access to bonus content:

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i will do a simple doodle for anyone who buys me at least one coffee. multiple coffees get you more detail/complexity (just leave your drawing idea in the message box)

examples of previous inktober drawings i've done below

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almost anything goes (if you get banned from your instance for it that's on you)

dm me, hit up my discord or use this contact page:

*disclaimer* i'm not building a brand/monetizing, i've been a freelance artist for 20 years, it's a major part of how i keep myself and my family fed and sheltered.

the existence of a sel on the web implies the existence of an equal and opposite sel that is off the web

@extinct all the people here want moms to be horny with when i just want some fucking hot pockets

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~*~you have been visited by Cash Money Doggo~*~
*~*retweet to get paid*~*

the knzk renovations yesterday went very well, the heated doorknobs are the sort of little touch some people wouldn't think of

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tfw you take a deep breath and several vertebrae softly pop :blobmiou:

finally got around to designing skona's back tattoo. also showin' off the vestigial wing membranes the rahndil have left over from their giant ground bat-ape origins

(CW for butt cleavage)

sometimes i think about rob liefeld

i'm not one to promote dragging artists for doing what they do, but i do wonder exactly which goetic entity he made a pact with

wish i could have gone to comiket and bought the knzk doujinshi...

IGAF what you've heard, I'm festive as HELL goddamnit

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