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tattooing KNZK KNZK on my knuckles so hell knows who’s sendin em fools

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you can follow me at @ilchapeau for the time being, or don't, or whatever, it's your life

this fuckin' poindexter is why nobody respects science anymore

the most universe-brained take i'm gonna see today had better be "we're currently experiencing a climate crisis so,,,,you should not pick on elon musk"

twitter: please do not say anything mean about nazis. they are our only protected class and we will have to suspend you.

mastodon: to complete the signup process, please hit a nazi in the face with a brick.

well, the good news is that something is Actually Wrong bc at the very least this isn't showing up for my alt in anything resembling a timely manner

it would be funny if absolutely nothing was wrong with knzk and everyone just hated our content, actually

Eugen banned knzk from the fediverse because "they were all too beautiful and good at doing posts"

is knzk broken or is everyone else broken. unfortunately, there's no way to tell

what's a good amount of stress to have

is it "need a nightguard because you're grinding your teeth flat" amount

bc that's the number of stress i have

Knzk is basically the exact same thing as Wakanda

anime girl lowfi youtube is the only good thing about technology

Tumblr is banning adult content? RIP like 90% of Tumblr's userbase I guess

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