sucks when you're having a conversation with a guy and a few minutes in he says he's a veteran and you gotta be like "haha okay cool" like he didn't just admit to killing people for money

@dreamsofcheese asdfsdfss a dude INTRODUCED the topic to me with "I've killed people before" on New Year's Eve and, like, I guess it's good to be honest!!!

@dreamsofcheese >he didn't just admit to killing people for money
glad you value his role as a steward of your nation's sovereignty.

@dreamsofcheese I call shenanigans on the basis of Oversimplification of a Complicated Issue.

@dreamsofcheese I never thought of it like that but you have a point. FWIW I do think young people join for the money, and lots of people make bad decisions… usually ones with less permanent effects, though

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