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shout out to "spineberg" for being the only real one on this website

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My biggest takeaway from Game of thrones? It’s not a game. They take the thrones real serious

when i go out from a heart attack, i’m blaming all of you

a fun post? a nice joke? an update on some neat ongoing event that happened to you recently? keep it to yourself pal. i’m here to win and make money, getting attached to you just gets in my way

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just got back from being waterboarded by the SJWs... they wanted me to say that gaming wasn't epic but my will was stronger than theirs.

whats up fellas. im james cheese, inventor of cheese

*flips chair around*

Now kids, I know we like to have fun here, but there's nothing "dummy thicc" about the oil and gas industry


one of my few positive memories from my STEM degree was using the rocket equation to calculate the thrust generated by flatulence

to think that i have been shitting and pissing this whole time when i could have been using it to propel myself to fame

this truly was the mastodon version of 9/11

hey australians what the fuck is a democracy sausage

the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with two guns. however, if the bad guy gets his hands on another gun? it’s over. he’s unstoppable.

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