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shout out to "spineberg" for being the only real one on this website

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its about some common erroneous argument of our choosing which means i have go and research one of those, which is just the most exhausting shit. gonna go out of my way to learn about antivax so i can write some dumbass essay about how Actually, I've Logic

thought i might stare at an empty page for an hour tonight before giving up on starting my essay. felt great. feeling really good right now. loving it,

jimmy neutron was a national security risk and he deserved what he got in guantanamo

hearing that there are still hot milfs in my area, even after i spent hours yesterday putting up milf-proof fences and "no milfs allowed" signs! pretty annoyed tbh

signing up for
let's see what hottttt gamers are out there

don't listen to anyone telling you not to run with scissors. i decided to try it out and now i have superpowers. i can walk through walls and i have no corporeal form

tomorrow is my first rodeo, any one have any advice

u really think i’m gonna spend my time checking some snakes bussy

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imagine reaching into your pocket and feeling some finger tips brushing against yours

If you've had the patience to read through the thread I wrote a few months ago about Eleanor Rykener, you'll be familiar with the fact that trans people existed in Medieval Europe, and that they were spoken about in terms that were quite different from the ones we use today.

For this sequel, I would like to offer a complement to Eleanor's story, by following up that account of a real trans woman with the discussion of a fictional transmac person.

hanging a sign on my bathroom door that says “piss restaurant”

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