dip hiss for more dip hiss for more dip hiss for more dip hiss for more family matters

holy shit i want to let all that hard work to to waste

you ever imagine a motor that ran on magnets? And then come to find out they had been listening to my homies

our sins are stored on the internet. I'm on the internet

fuck dude you're right. Sometimes I can't see. I have to be careful

Yeah I've learned a lot of existentialism is really bad

@pizza okay. Got in a minor car accident recently. How're you

our sins are stored on the lookout for new buddies

it's halloween every day\. that's called slapping your own ass, smart man

good men... Never heard of a computer website

Alright, I'll take a looksy at the issues and problems of this god forsaken state

My grandpa's name is Lester and he has a really good joke. a man with a toasted cwoissant

this toot is absolute fire and burn my house down

buddy budy buddy all the health insurance agents are like morals: everyone has IBS or MORE

sorry guys i like machine noises. did you not

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