We are bringung these out again. Remember what they took from you

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🚨🚨 There’s a new @LINGUA_IGNOTA_@twitter.com track up on streaming services 🚨🚨

Get your week off to a furious start



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the milkshakes drive all the fash from the yard, and they're like, "oh shit i'm not hard", damn right, no shit you're not hard, now fuck off, with your skinhead guards

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CALIGULA is coming 7.19.2019 on @profound_lore@twitter.com you can now pre-order at profoundlorerecords.com/lingua

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roger that we have a milky boy on our hands. i repeat: the boy is milky. he's a very milky boy, over

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You ever think about what you could have achieved with the time you wasted on Game of Thrones? Or any other entertainment property that you only engage with out of a sense of obligation to have Takes? Anyway, happy Monday everyone!

I know that this isn't a @ByYourLogic@twitter.com tweet, but in my heart it's a @ByYourLogic@twitter.com tweet.

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Before tonight's episode of GoT, big thanks to George R.R. Martin, David Benioff, and Dan Weiss for creating 8 seasons of enthralling fantasy (and human) drama. Few shows can truly be called groundbreaking. This is one of them. You guys rock!

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I love to see 'Arya is a racist imperialist genocidal coloniser' takes!

That was a shitty ending that satisfied absolutely nobody.

18/5/19: I guess I'll have to tactically vote Lib Dem in the European elections.
19/5/19: Nah, we good.

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We don't condone this.

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Another of the hundreds of hours of footage of me training to tactically interdict if anyone threatens one of our Patreon subscribers ($3 a month and above)

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my new televised docuseries, DAMN! WOMEN BE SHITTIN’, has been cancelled

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Muting the words 'I can't believe' ahead of the . None of you are funny.

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topics of conversation included

+ naturally leavened bread vs that made with active-dry yeast
+ being a @GrimKim@twitter.com stan as a viable political affiliation
+ is there a smaller ted cruz inside ted cruz

it's gonna be a hot one folks twitter.com/HorrorVanguard/sta

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Who's got 10k and wants to steal hell of surplus value from a few dozen workers

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New patreon ep w/ @ZacharyLipez@twitter.com where we talk about the new Bad Religion albums radical centrist politics


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