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New people! After you've settled in, tell me which features you wish were here! And which of the ones we already have you like the most :hotboi:

Getting my pussy cancelled at the Olive Garden

Bitching and moaning about work 

Bitching and moaning about work 

Bitching and moaning about work 

I like how the tumblr petition has over 200k signatures, yet when we were all pushing to avoid sesta and fosta with a petition, we could barely get a third of that.

Guess what new people - this is fuckin MASTODON and there’s only ONE RULE: follow the shitload of new and arbitrary rules every user of this site makes up every day for how to use it. Rule number two? Always be making up rules

Went to my account to look at the local timeline and see all the cute new tumblr migrants and it’s basically a wall of dick pics so I guess Eugen has his work cut out for him

the best part of every migration wave to the fediverse is people who see the word "toot" and it burrows into their brains so deeply they would die for Eugen

Boostin rules because you sending that dopamine to another perso

reminder that im kinphobic if ur a kinnie stay 100 feet away from me at all times

me: I don't think I'll ever like a site as much as Tumblr
Mastodon: get this.....instead of's tooting
Me, already taking off my clothes: Mastodon you absolute stupid bitch

hey new folks, artists and non-artists alike! quick list of some general content warnings people appreciate you using: 

BOTTOMING FIRST GOD SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tumblr people................. follow me instead of everyone else. i am the only person on this site. i swear i am very cool and i will be your best friend

Now that I'm thinking about it, is there any activitypub/mastodon-compatable long-form blogging platform yet, comparable to Tumblr? I gotta believe someone's made something like that already.

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