Armistice Day was meant to commemorate the millions of victims throughout WWI, and to mourn the needless loss of life and horror that war causes. But America, being a country built on war, transformed it into Veterans Day.

Veterans Day celebrates those who wage war as heroes, glorifying them and encouraging people to make martyrs of themselves. it presents dying on the battlefield as a noble and necessary thing.

Armistice Day celebrated peace.

Veterans Day celebrates war.

I mean, to be expected, America joined at literally the last possible second and mopped up the already flagging German army without actually enduring any of the ridiculous and miserable conditions that had been going on the previous 4 years.

@dayglochainsaw in the UK there's a transformation of it so it has the function of celebrating war & soldiers who fight. The streets where I live were dotted with so many proud and smiling cadets and soldiers today.

@dayglochainsaw I mean I say "transformation" like it ever was free from the sentiment "war is great and to die in war is good" in any form. It's just taken the spotlight.

@dayglochainsaw Here in Canada we celebrate Remembrance Day aka Armistice Day. I am glad we use the term "remembrance" bec we remember the millions of victims, evils and horrors of war

i thought memorial day was our 'it is good to die' military worship holiday, and veterans was our 'it is good to kill' military worship holiday? the usa celebrates war so hard we have multiple major holidays devoted to it.

@dayglochainsaw I was wondering why Americans don't wear poppies and Candians and Brits, do. I didn't really know there was a difference before I lived in Canada for a year and realized that it was a totally different holiday commemorating the same event. This post helps give the context, thanks.

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