Anxiety is fun because sometimes you think your entire life is a lie but it turns out you were just hungry

@dayglochainsaw this happens to me but happy VERY much with my S/O, and we eventually found out (for them at least) it was likely due to a sodium deficiency, so now they carry little packets of salt to eat when they feel it coming on.

But no I absoLUTELY start to wither when I get too hungry; the first thing that happens is that my brain starts getting light and then my eyes feel weird in the back, y'know?

@dayglochainsaw saaaaaame tbh, my go-to is to grab fries from mcdonalds and then pretend like I'll eat something good when I get home but then... just not

@dayglochainsaw your personality is the embodiment of dino chicken nuggets that are microwaved not baked

@dayglochainsaw do you ever do shit like
"wait, do i even *like* music? why do i listen to it?"

then just boot up spotify an hour later without thinking about it

@dayglochainsaw meeting new people and being like "oh fuck i am entirely devoid of personality and they'll eventually find out" and then they keep inviting me to hang out and enjoy my company??

@dayglochainsaw Ahh, the classic brain displeasure induced anxiety spiral.

I get them when I'm dehydrated, or when I'm close to hitting the deck from heat exhaustion.

(To be fair to my brain, in the latter case being that heat-stressed is physiologically pretty similar to anxiety anyway. I can't blame it for getting a little confused.)

@dayglochainsaw I don't mean to favourite this in jest, but in head-nodding solidarity. I didn't want you to think I take joy in your anxiety X,x

@dayglochainsaw meditation helped me a lot. Try it. I hope it helps you too.

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