It's time for one of my all time favorite memes again

Yup. As if we studied Maslow's hierarchy of needs to then toss everything to the garbage.

@dayglochainsaw haha this is the first I've heard of anprims and this image literally is the first thing you see when you google it

@dayglochainsaw i was just talking to my friend about this. bsst meme ever

@dayglochainsaw anprim is for people who turned "having a zombie survival plan" during high school into their entire personality.

@dayglochainsaw I keep thinking about Thoureau's Walden, where he lived in the woods for two years to learn about primitive simplicity and self-reliance -- but he had material help from his mom, his friend, and Mr and Mrs Ralph Waldo Emerson.

@brownpau @dayglochainsaw Yeah at that point you're not a survivor that's just an extended camping trip, hah.

@dayglochainsaw Coats, knives, and shoes are technology. Anprims are very special kind of retarded.

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