that's knzkgang baby!!!!!!!

Just gave myself a brain aneurysm imagining someone who unironically calls their penis their Pickle Rick

@democraticconfederatedtimeline saying "wubba lubba dub dub" when you nut inside your long-suffering wife. Tonight she will begin planning your murder.

@dayglochainsaw @democraticconfederatedtimeline that kid that jumped on the McDonald's counter for sure would if he ever had sex. The problem is nobody who would, will.

@_ampersand @dayglochainsaw please untag me from this abomination of a conversation, or abomversation if u will,

@dayglochainsaw this should have a CW for "The worst fucking thing you've ever heard in your life"

lewd, pickle rick Show more

@dayglochainsaw *crying* why would you put something like this out into the world?? please, think about how your actions will harm others before you toot😭

@dayglochainsaw great. rad. thanks. brb scrubbing my tl with steel wool, lye, and holy water

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