I love being a guy from the 1910s and being shocked and amazed that borax is transported by a 20-mule team.

The Amazon reviews of bullhorns are a surprisingly wild place

me, 14 years old, about to read some very questionable harry potter fan fiction


Don't say: "I am a thin-skinned loser with a childish intolerance for any facet of reality that does not conform with my lazy whims"

Say instead: "I am a type-A personality and I get what I want"

Lesbian culture is loudly bragging about your driving skill on the internet despite A.) All evidence to the contrary, and B.) Not having been asked about your driving skill.

Ace exlusionism just doesn't make any sense to me.

Like, we have more time to study the blade while y'all're off fornicating.

"who will make me their bride, who will make me their thicc wife" my ghost howls amongst the graves

the first pacific rim is good and pure and everyone should watch it if not for charlie day and his pure love of kaiju, then for idris elba and him being a babe

A good thing about working outside at someplace that is pretty chill is that what it's raining they just call you and are like "yeah it's raining today don't worry about coming in we'll do it tomorrow."

Another James Bond idea: Indigenous countercolonial James Bond who steals artifacts from museums and returns them

*words of gold fall from silvered tounge, a wheel of fire crowns my brow* James Bond should be pan and enby and use their androgynous good looks to seduce absolutely god damn everyone

For centuries, an immortal man and a vampire have been duking it out - until the 20th century, where they have become famous movie stars. This is the story of Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage.
#writingprompts #writing

me on here: want make friends
brane: ok. have to talk
me: no talk. only friends

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