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Wah this is still hard to figure out and I probably still have to do things but maybe I will after dinner :(

@gazelle hiii I’m alive I requested to follow back but knzk ate it idk what to do :(

I requested to follow a lot of people while knzk was down and folks were migrating and those requests are still pending, idk why but maybe boost this toot so folks check and accept me??? Sorry to bother you.

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as a cishet on this website I have to endure the constant abuse of everyone on the timeline. and let me tell you: it’s pretty fucking funny actually

Wait, did KNZK really get fixed while I was swamped with end of gregorian year work??? I love when I don’t have to do anything!!! Hiiii everyone I missed ya!

I’m probably going to migrate to another instance after I submit final grades and move this weekend and have a bit more breathing room. Miss you all 😘😘😘

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My shitty apartment, bugs, fuck my slumlord 

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antisemitism, post-pittsburgh 

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Nausea, should have tagged pregnancy also 


Spirituality, Judaism, Hebrew chanting, goofs 

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In her paper Only You, Your Doctor, and Many Others May Know Sweeney says that her research was unwelcome. Over 20 journals turned down her paper on the Weld study, and nobody wanted to fund privacy research that might reach uncomfortable conclusions.

Pregnancy, Shabbat transitions, witchy stuff 

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Hey KNZK look at this quote from a student feedback essay I assigned. I gave someone a religious experience with math and now they love it.

Today I talked about 1-1 functions and gave a funny example about cryptography and selling weed across state lines, the cool teacher has logged on 😎

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