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Shabbat shalom my darlings 😘😘😘😘

@codewytch honestly next semester I’m giving a tough as hell midterm in week 4 so they come to my office hours all semester lmao

All my students failed midterm one, so I gave them a tiered assignment to makeup their grade
C: correct each problem, explain why they were wrong and what is different now
B: C work, plus extra book problems
A: B & C work plus a one hour meeting with me in my office to discuss their work.

After every single A meeting the student is like “wow this is really helpful I should go to office hours more” and I’m like YES THAT IS THE IDEA AND POINT OF THIS ASSIGNMENT

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I need to walk out the door in 8 minutes but I’m cuddling my dog and partner and tooting in bed in my pjs still lmao girl

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Good morning knzk cutie pies, it’s Friday which means Shabbat is almost here so I’m in a good mood 😄

Logging into twitter: what fresh hell is this
Logging into mastodon: oooooo what fresh hell is THIS ✨✨

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when you work at a nuclear power plant and join the union and get into a position of power and start investigating and discovering the incredibly unsafe working conditions including getting contaminated with plutonium from just filing paperwork and having 400 times the legal plutonium contamination limit so you start investigating the company and writing a report and the company argues that you poisoned yourself on purpose to make the company look bad and you bring your report findings to the new york times but you crash your car on the way there and during the autopsy it is discovered that your papers aren't there (even though you brought them with you) and the autopsy finds that your blood contained high amounts of sedatives and also your name is karen silkwood and this actually fucking happened

Is there a word for my partner’s family besides “in laws”? I hate marriage so we are never getting married but we are all family now since it’s been like 12 years and we like each other.

Ok I need to Activate myself and drive home I’m exhausted and I’m coming in to work early tomorrow and might even do a little work when I get home tonight damn I’m a chump

Like this is why I darkly laugh when capitalists tell me about how many free loaders there are to break society - anyone doing something necessary for the working class is literally sacrificing longevity and quality of life to do it because capitalism forces us to and we want to help anyway. The freeloaders are the bosses stealing our wealth.

@codewytch I even have the skill set to be a useless do nothing capitalist parasite and then I decided to do something good with it instead so I’ll never have good dental and health care and I’ll die a lot younger

I am overworked and underpaid, and I got tricked into it by doing a job necessary for society under capitalism

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I just met with my advisor today about how I need to do more thesis work with more of my time but I want to go home I’m tired :(

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