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eve when literally anyone over 19 expresses an opinion about music

i wanda if cosmo
how they live in timmy-o

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did you know? planet earth is actually a star :)

in like 2011 my sister accidentally uploaded her cover of spit on a stranger & john wayne gacy jr to *my* youtube channel and they are still up, privated. i go back to em every once in a while. it's cute.

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I'll be thinking long and hard about the things you said to me
Like a bitter stranger
And now I see the long and short, the middle and what's in between
I could spit on a stranger, pull me out
You're a bitter stranger, pull me out

pavement and especially spit on a stranger & cut your hair have stuck with me for like more than half my life and i love them so so much

spit on a stranger is such an amazing opening track and it's probably the first track from when i was very young when i thought "Yes, I Like This" instead of just listenin to whatever my parents or sister put on

Simmer, simmer, simmer down
Don't waste your precious breath
Explaining that you are worthwhile

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i wanna plant a joke kiss on your arm and give you skull tattoos in pen

gregory and the hawk makes me cry like a bitch

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