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If I'm annoyed because of the ill behaviour of numerous men in a way that's something I have been subjected to for years upon years, you going 'well that's unfair, I'M not like that' does nothing, you've just made it about you when, if you're not like that, it's not about you in the first place.

It's like insisting you get a cookie for not being a dickhead.

Maybe resist going 'not all men' at the not all men post, guys

i wake up in the mornin feelin like Pee Shiddy

this looks like it would be the most unfunny fucking thing ever

PUNK'D except instead of ashton kutcher it's nutt godd and it's called SLIME'D

saving actual human lives? utterly worthless without a cw on there. you can bet you're ass your getting blocked

hmmm, whack it, you must be hard taking a pic of me!!! delete this now or ill kill u too katie

i will just keep it loopyπŸ” man ✌🏻 Shoutout, πŸ“£

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