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here's me covering eugene by sufjan stevens, from "carrie & lowell"

i have been practicing this song for four years and it feels amazing to finally record a version i like 💜


dont forget to post your social security number so all your friends can find you

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@HYPERLINK your voice is so like.. mellow and soft and calming. genuinely so good, man. keep it up. i'm in awe

@Gargron would you now be able to reveal images individually?

@Katie the first one looks comfy. the last one looks like it'd hurt like hell after being in the sun for that long

@Katie that third one really pisses me off for some reason. it's so ugly

if there is anything on this planet that deserves to be described as "epic" it's the theme for pokemon platinum youtu.be/vohBw-w7-nY

wow, kids really do be on their phones all the time... you truly satire'd the hell out of them with that one

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